Senior Deacon

/ Bro. Craig McKenzie

I was initiated into Lodge St Thomas Kilwinning Dalmellington in 2019. I am relatively new to Freemasonry, but my hope is to progress through all the Lodge offices and eventually reach the office of Lodge Master.

I enjoy the Brotherhood between the Brethren, the charitable and social aspects of Freemasonry. I feel that the friendships and bonds built through our organisation will last a lifetime and it’s nice knowing that I always have someone to turn to if I’m in need. You never know when you will bump into a Brother of the Craft!

  • Occupation – Factory Worker
  • Why I joined freemasonry – I joined Freemasonry mostly out of morbid curiosity and to have a sense of belonging to something greater than myself.
  • Favourite Degree(s) – All of them
  • Favourite piece of ritual – The 3rd Master Mason Degree
  • Favourite Lodge events – Senior members burns supper, mixed burns supper, and Sportsman’s dinner.
  • Other hobbies – Playing Golf