St. Thomas (Kil)
Dalmellington, No. 433

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Welcome to the website of St. Thomas Kilwinning Dalmellington. Eighteenth century Dalmellington was a small rural village with some 500 inhabitants, but the modern way of life was already taking shape. Good quality coal was being produced from surface workings and sent down the turnpike road to Galloway. The town grew after Watt`s engine had made deeper mine workings feasible, and the completion of the railway in 1858.


The first recorded minute taken for the lodge was 1st April 1864.


A meeting was held in ‘David McBlane’s’ for the purpose of taking into consideration the propriety of forming a Masonic Lodge in the village, the following brethren being present;

John Scott; John Bain; John McWhirter; John Taylor, James Bruce; Andrew Nicol; David McBlane; Charles Malcolmson; and John McMurdo.


John Scott occupied the chair, those being present being of the opinion that steps should be taken to form a Lodge, the first thing to be considered was how to raise funds to enable us to procure a charter from the Grand Lodge of Scotland, so we might carry on our Masonic labours in a lawful manner.


Photo: William Boyd Graham, RWM 2019



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